Our Firm




The  KEYSTONE FINANCIAL STRATEGIES  Group, based in Jacksonville, Florida, was designed to function as an independent advisory platform through LPL Financial.  As such, we do not offer, provide or have access to any proprietary products.  This enables us to maintain a clear, open and unbiased perspective on client strategies.

We are primarily a fee based firm for both financial planning services and asset management services.  However, in some cases because of the products used or type of assets to be managed traditional commission based arrangements are available.

At our firm our focus is advice . . . turning every day information into custom tailored strategies that aim to fit the client's needs, concerns and objectives.  We offer an objective approach to financial planning.  The recommendations we offer and the strategies the client chooses to implement will depend upon their respective circumstances.

The client may choose to work with our firm on a comprehensive basis or limit the scope of their plan.  Ultimately, our goal is to help the client obtain a sense of personal and financial well being regardless of how simple or complex their needs may be.